I asked each company whether the day when mobile phones and PHS can be used in the tunnel of the subway will come

Currently mobile phones and PHS are expanded so that they can be used not only on the ground, but also in underground shopping stations and underground stations, but even in the tunnel of the subway still mobile phones and PHS are "Out of service areaIn most cases it will be.

So whether this time we plan to be able to use mobile phones and PHS in the tunnel of the subway in the future,NTT docomo,Au,SoftBank mobile,WILLCOM,E-MobileI asked five companies.

Details are as follows.
The questions I asked are the following two.

1. Are there plans to install antennas in the tunnel of the subway
2. Is there a request from the user

· NTT DoCoMo
1. Basically now we are maintaining the subway's home etc. as a call area, so we have not thought about the inside of the tunnel yet.
2. I can not grasp concrete voices here.

1. There is still a place where the base station is built to connect in the tunnel of the subway still. Basically, the underground antennas are built jointly by each company.
2. We are not always talking about tunnels, but the voices from customers saying "radio waves are weak here" are always counted through sales, call centers and so on.

·SoftBank mobile
1. Since there is no talking on the train in the first place, you have to put in a manner mode, so there is no talk of setting up the antenna preferentially in the tunnel.
2. Although it is a personal story, I do not hear much.

1. Although the timing can not be made clear, it is the situation that we are studying considering the merits of users.
2. There are things such as manners in the car, but as a matter of necessity.

For e-mobile onlyArea maintenance at the subway station home has not been completed yetAs you can see, the question content has been changed as follows.

1. About the plan to expand the area improvement of the subway, what is going on now
2. There is no company currently enabling communication and calling within the tunnel of the subway, but do you plan to take the initiative to take the initiative?

1. Regarding the improvement of the area inside the subway premises, both the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai area are currently unknown, but we will make an effort to promote the area development at an early stage.
2. Within the tunnel, we believe that other carriers are making efforts to expand the area, but as a company we are not taking any initiative and planning to work on this as of now.

Each company is issuing a less positive response, and the only thing we are considering positively is WILLCOM. Is this because there is a certain demand for businessmen and others using WILLCOM 's data communications to be able to communicate data while on the subway?

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