I drank the Meiji Dairies "Cassis oolong" that made a popular cocktail a soft drink

Meiji Dairies bought "Cassis oolong" which is on sale on November 6 (Tue) and tried drinking. Cocktails using cassis are often raised among favorite cocktails, and this time it is refreshing drinks with motif of cassis oolong with a refreshing taste. Is it a refreshing drink of taste like cocktails?

Details are as follows.
It's a cocktail familiar

But non-alcoholic soft drink. Sugar, cassis juice, oolong tea etc. are used

Pour into a glass and peep from the top

The color is deeper than oolong tea

As the oolong tea flavor comes after the refreshing sweetness of the cassis, it feels like you have tasted two different drinks at the same time. Thanks to the richness of oolong tea, it seems like spreading to the taste. Whether you like this or not depends on people, it seems to be suitable for people who put sugar in green tea.

The release of Meiji Dairies is below.

~ Novelty high cocktail style beverage ~ Announcing the launch of "Cassis oolong" | Meiji Dairies corporate information site

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