Drink a sweet taste "CAKE SODA Cake Soda" collaborating cake and carbonated drink

I bought it because the drink called "cake soda" by Hata Coffee Co., Ltd. making carbonated beverages such as beer "good pants" and "ramune" was lined up as supermarket in the supermarket. Although the phrase which becomes uneasy is written before drinking with the label such as "Taste of Wonder", I will drink with courage.

For details, see "VANILLA FLAVOR" on the label of the person who has the cake on the label from below.

However, in the explanation there are expressions which I do not understand well as "sweet flavor like cookies and cakes".


The contents are like a cake sponge.

The taste was greatly praised if it was a sweet tooth, it was a person who dislikes vanilla and was likely to shudder shouting "Who made this was!" In other words, it tastes like sprinkle and strawberry from strawberry shortcake, sprinkled vanilla essence. Taste like whipped cream and vanilla hand in hand travels around the mouth, but exquisitely suppresses becoming just a sweet drink by carbonic accents. Personally it was very tasty,Dr PepperI think that likes and dislikes are completely separate juice like.

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