Nintendo releases "DS TV" that can enjoy One Seg broadcasting with Nintendo DS

Nintendo previouslyWe will release One Seg tuner for mobile game machine "Nintendo DS" within this yearI took up the story in GIGAZINE, but finally I can enjoy one-segment broadcasting in DS "DS TV"Will be released on November 20 (Tue).

Reservation reception will be started on the official website from the afternoon of November 8 (Thursday) prior to release.

Details of "DS TV" which is worrisome are as follows.
One-segment reception adapter DS TV

According to this page, the Nintendo DS single-segment reception adapter "DS TV" is sold only for the Nintendo website, the price is 6800 yen including tax (free shipping).

The set contents are DS TV main body and exclusive cover, exclusive external antenna and the corresponding models are Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.

This is the main body. By installing a dedicated external antenna, the reception sensitivity is increased.

Apart from enjoying One Seg broadcasting, the memo function making full use of the touch panel of Nintendo DS and tools to make viewing convenient are included.

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