Men who caught sharks on a kayak

There were ridiculous adventure guys.Rat sharkHe seems to be hated by fishermen in order to catch salmon and eat it, but the members of the kayak fishing team in Alaska have made an expedition to Australia and seized four rat sharks. It is quite an adventure itself to thrust into a shark's flock with kayaks, but it is a great grasp to fish up.

Details are as follows.
Fishermen risk death by using kayaks in quest to catch sharks | the Daily Mail

Christopher Mautino is the leader of a team fishing by kayak in Alaska. It seems that we had made an expedition to Hinchinbrook Island waters in Australia to catch the rat sharks this time. The team was surrounded by roughly 200 to 300 rat sharks, where they used large salmon fillets to fish up sharks. The size of the shark you picked up is an average of 7 feet 10 inches (about 2.4 m), and the weight is 350 pounds (about 160 kg) to 375 pounds (about 170 kg). I caught 4 animals, two of them have been released.

Regarding this expedition, Mautino recalls, "When I was hanging a salmon on the rod, I felt like I was doing what I am doing." "When the shark was visible, the size was about the same as that of the kayak," it seems that he played a deadly fight for over an hour from the beginning of fishing.

It seems that fishing up a rat shark with kayak has been a goal since Mautino came to Alaska, it was finally achieved.

Incidentally, the rat shark fishing itself seems to be done as it is. Of course, I do not ride on kayaks and I usually fish from boats.

Salmon Sharks

The shark that I picked up.

Commemorative photo together.

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