Fault in Yahoo! Mail transfer function, 13 million disappeared

Part of the mail that was transferred for 3:35 pm on Thursday, September 5, 2007 (Wednesday) 2 October to Thursday October 4, 2007 (Thursday) 2007 has already been lost from the server It seems that it can not be restored because it is. The number is actually 13 million.

Details are as below.
On some customers who set up "Mail Forwarding" setting, regarding the problem that transfer processing is not performed and the loss of mail

Failure in transfer processing by Yahoo! Mail, 160,000 users Disappearance of 13 million mails

Slashdot Japan | Yahoo! JAPAN, due to trouble of transfer processing, 13 million mail disappearance this time

The total number of affected user IDs is 165807. It seems that you already received an email of apology for the target audience.

Incidentally even before4.5 million messages have disappearedThere was. In this case it seems to have taken measures to prevent recurrence, but this time seems to be another cause.The number of page views of Yahoo! Japan is No. 1 in the worldBecause it is turned into a serious mistake, enormous damage has come out, it is serious ...

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