X wing fighter aircraft launch with rocket but failed to fall apart

I mentioned a while agoX wing fighter of "Star Wars" who can ride and flyHowever, it seems that we have launched a rocket properly at this time. Unfortunately the results are different in the air in the airplane ....

Please have a look at the movie that saw that state.
Two seconds after launch a couple of rockets out of the aircraft, the aircraft that lost balance fell apart. The child is casually posing with guts with his left hand ... ...
YouTube - X-Wing Fighter Rocket

A movie that summarizes from production to launch.
YouTube - Flight of the X-Wing

The movies from the other angles and the remaining photos are from the following.
Video: The Rocket-Powered X-Wing's Flight ... and Death - Gizmodo

Not only X wing,Y wingAlso launched. This also fails.
Star Wars: Y-Wing Beats X-Wing, Gold Squadron Finally Kicks Ass - Gizmodo

By the way, we have also launched ordinary rockets and we have succeeded here. Were balanced bad aircraft that failed?

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