Live broadcasting on the net for 72 hours non sleeping days keeping on Halo 3

It started from October 5th local time, and it counts from the time of writing this article and it is about 19 hours to finally achieve 72 hours of continuous play at lastHalo 3There seems to be a player of. A state of his play is a streaming service using a free web camera etc.Ustream.tvIt is delivered using ", anyone can see it.

Browsing is from the following.
Would you 72 :: stream

Under the streaming distribution video, a great acclaimed chat is ongoing and it seems that 300 to 500 people are constantly watching this feat.

By the way,FAQAccording to the page, it seems that Halo 3 and Xbox 360 will be presented to challengers at the age of 72 hours of continuous play (nap is also not allowed).

……Good luck.

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