Aero train that can travel with less energy than a linear motor car

"Aero train" which is being developed mainly by professor Yasuaki Kobama of Tohoku University Institute of Fluid Science is said to move using solar and wind energy. While the linear motor car utilizes the magnetic repulsion force, the aerotrain is running on the floating with the aerodynamic repulsive force by the ground effect, so it can run with less energy than the linear motor car.

A movie etc. of what kind of feeling actually is running is from the following. In 2020 it seems that it is aiming for completion and operation of manned aircraft of 350 km / h with 350 passengers, and it seems that it is now possible to levitate up to 150 to 300 km / h with unmanned models.

Aero train from the front

Aerotrain on the move

You can download movies from here.
Aero train introduction movie

Mechanism of floating and moving

Large birds flying long distances such as Pelican use energy interference (ground effect) by utilizing the air interference of the ground, water surface and wings (ground effect) and are doing energy saving flight (gliding). Aero train incorporates this property and reduces energy consumption as much as possible.

Advantages, future issues etc.

While the linear motor car uses magnetic repulsion force, the aero train runs up by aerodynamic repulsive force due to the ground effect. By doing this, it is possible to run at a higher speed with less energy than a linear motor car than an airplane than a bullet train line.
As a result, natural energy that was not regarded as important because of its small energy density can be used effectively. To that end, it is necessary to develop a new system for collecting, storing, and supplying a plurality of natural energies.

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