A movie explanation on how to run Windows on Linux

It is a movie that describes the procedure to move Microsoft's Windows on "Ubuntu Edgy Eft" which is one of Linux. It seems to be realized by doing 5 steps in order. Actually Windows XP is installed in the movie, but Windows Vista seems to work actually.

An explanatory movie of the procedure is from the following.
5 min - How to run WinXP on Linux - Video

The movie itself is about five and a half minutes. The actual procedure itself looks like the following.

step 1:VirtualBoxDownload

Step 2: Install VirtualBox

Step 3: Add your user name from "User group" setting to "vboxusers"

Step 4: Create a virtual machine

Step 5: Install Windows

In addition, "VMware PlayerThere is also a way to use. If you use an application for Windows,Use "Wine"Also the option.

By the way, as Microsoft said "Windows virtualization on Linux, not acceptedThat's right.

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