Audio accessories that make teeth beautiful when installed

Various accessories for portable music players came out since the iPod became popular, but this is an unusual accessory. It seems that if you connect this to the player and put it in your mouth you can remove tooth impurities. Of course it is also possible to enjoy music by bone conduction.

Details are as belowUsing Your iPod ... to Whiten Your Teeth Christopher Null Yahoo! Tech

The way to use is to wear a sheet containing bleaching ingredients on the teeth, put the mouthpiece over it and add it with your mouth OK. Peroxides that decompose organic coloring components from the sheet due to vibration of the sound rhythically hit the teeth, and it seems that you can get beautiful teeth just by holding it.

On the official website of this product introduction movies are to be seen as well.

Rock My Teeth

Although the iPod is shown in the published pictures, it is supposed to be connected to other audio players, so the more the volume is increased, the more it is likely that the dirt on the teeth will fall off.

The price is 49.95 dollars (about 5760 yen)

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