A long-awaited Japanese version that can be used in geography classes on "Statetris"

A Japanese version appeared in the tetris game "Statetris" using parts of the country. I was wondering if Eurasia or Asia versions will come first, but was the producer the Japanese favorite?

Besides that, the British version and the South Carolina version also appeared.

Access is from the following.
MapMSG.com - Statetris - Japan

The operation method is the same with other Statetris series. It's a familiar map so difficulty is low.

Hyogo prefecture is written as Higo for some reason.

When it gets buried, the entire map scrolls up.

Easy cleared at 2: 30.5.

There comes something that can not remember where the prefecture was when becoming Hard.

If you are too familiar with it, you will suffer only by a slight change in direction.

Somehow cleared at 3: 46.7.

Other British versions were added.

MapMSG.com - Statetris-UK

Suddenly the parts are small and desperate.

I feel that every part is small compared to the size of the island.

I managed to do it to the end ....

It is still Easy, but it is 8: 53.5.

At Medium 14: 31.2 ... It took the longest time to come with Statetris. We abandoned Hard.

FinallySouth Carolina Stateversion.
MapMSG.com - Statetris South Carolina

South Carolina State is one of the 13 states that first became independent from Britain.

There are many linear boundaries, which may be hints or hindrances.

Cities that I do not know.

I do not know well whether 4: 48.7 is early or not fast.

When municipalities are made into parts, prefectures in which they live are likely to suffer. Where will the next stage be set next?

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