I participated in the first closed beta test of MMORPG "Lunatia"

JarekoNew MMORPG operated byRUNNATIA - PLATINUM FANTASY ONLINE -I participated in the closed beta test of. Renatiya has a combination of a fairytale-like feeling and a SF-like strange world view. A variety of facial expressions and actions are prepared for cute and comically drawn characters, deepening empathy to the character.

This time is the introduction of what was done at 15 o'clock on September 14 (Friday) to 18 September (Tue) at 11 o'clock as the first closed beta test. Since the second test is supposed to be held from Thursday, 18th (Thursday), I am pleased if it becomes a clue to know what kind of game it is.

Details are as follows.
First we started installing the client. WindowsVista does not appear to be officially supported, but installing "Run as Administrator" also worked on Vista.

Select the installation destination.

Preparation is completed, and click "Install" to start.

Installing. If the extension of the file is "Orz".

Installation complete.

The setup file on the top. The icon below is for games.

Double-clicking the icon launches the launcher and automatically applies the patch.

The option is like this. The minimum resolution is 1024 × 768.

The latest version of the client will get this message.

The game screen finally arrives. Since login ID and password are not stored, it is necessary to input each time. In general online games, IDs are saved, so it is easy to save just the ID as well .... Is there a security problem? For ID and passwordJareko Online Member RegistrationYou can get by doing.

There are two channels on one server. This time it is connected to CBT 1.

I'm still logging in yet so I do not have any characters. Started character creation.

Two tribes of characters, Kochare with Seneca. For detailed differencesCharacter introduction of official websiteSee.

This is a Seneca woman. You can customize hairstyle, expression, clothes etc. finely.

When you change the hairstyle, the shape of the ear changes. It is a bit hard to understand until the difference between a man and a woman gets used.

Besides Warrior, occupation is Monk, Mage, Priest, Thief.

When random creation is used, hair style etc. are decided at random. I made this character by random creation.

When choosing a character, he puts his thumbs firmly each time.

I immediately went outside. Quest TIP that shows the quests that can be received is displayed. A convenient shortcut key, hints, etc. are displayed above the chat log in the lower left when playing the game.

I had a funny character and tried speaking to me. It seems that you can move to "Renatiatown".

There is nothing yet Renatiatown. Maybe in the future a user's town could be created here?

Sometimes you have accessories and recovery items when you defeat the enemy.

If you talk to an NPC with "?" On your head you can receive a quest. The contents are various, and there are things that go to meet someone or gather items.

The viewpoint can be switched freely other than looking down at the character obliquely from behind, and you can see from the front, from directly above, from the left and right, and so on. In addition, a character viewpoint is prepared and you can enjoy a powerful battle.

The items are arranged in the inventory in the order they were picked up. Let's sort out the order properly and organize it as it gets messed up. Equipment can be equipped by dragging to the upper column, appearance will change by equipment.

Perform quests and earn items.

Attribute that an enemy drops occasionally can be reinforced by combining it with weapons and armor. This seems to be successful.

The quest item "memorial pendant" is a useful item that can return to town. However, since the cool time (charge time until next use) is 30 minutes, it can not be used continuously.

A map that spreads far. Movement is basically done on foot. You can fly by human cannon at once, or you can ride animals if you reach level 20. Items that can summon monsters for movement from the middle of the test period are sold and it has become quite convenient to move.

Display the whole map. A memo can record up to 10 full-width characters. You can also check the location of NPCs and party members.

I got into a party. The ordinary statement is white, but the party conversation is displayed in orange. You can hear green PT recruitment remarks wherever you want, so I would like to actively use it when collecting my friends. The chat commandRUNNATI Official Site Game GuideIt is published in.

This is a human cannon. It is in the immediate place after leaving the town, and it is popular as a gathering place for recruiting parties.

Move on a human cannon. It is possible to fly properly from the character point of view, but in the environment of my wrist a little processing was heavy. By the way, in the case of the video memory 256 MB (because it was a notebook PC, main memory is also used).

On the right side of your character is a pet. By doing quests you can receive pet summoning items. Pets also grow by getting experience values ​​and help battle.

I tried up the character. His equipment ears are quest items.

By the way, this game, you can see pants well. I have taken this point of view aiming, but it is visible and invisible each time the character jumps or attacks. Is it a service?

The first closed beta test will end on September 18th and the next second closed beta test will be started on Thursday, October 18th. Unlike the first time, the number of recruits is not limited and it is a free participation type test, so why do not you join the interested person?

The official website is below.

MMORPG "RUNNATIA" official website to create the future

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