NTT DoCoMo Develops a System to Distribute Information Estimating Users' Behavior

NTT DoCoMo developed a "Behavior Supported Recommendation System" that estimates user's behavior by using the schedule registered in mobile phone schedule and automatically distributes information according to the action.

It seems like a convenient system, but what exactly is it?

Details are as follows.
Press Release Presentation: Development of Action Supported Recommendation System | Notice | NTT Docomo

According to this release, NTT DoCoMo's "Action Supported Recommendation System" developed by NTT DoCoMo estimates interest (taste) and behavior (plan) in addition to user attributes, thereby providing information support related to the entire user's life It seems to realize.

The composition of the system looks something like this.

This estimation technology was originally developed by Docomo, and by analyzing the user's preference and past information such as "When and what kind of action", it is necessary to distribute the appropriate content at an appropriate timing For example, if you register the schedule and place of the trip on the schedule, actions such as "reservation of the accommodation" and "purchase of the suitcase" are estimated, and related information such as the travel destination hotel is delivered about.

Example of the flow of recommendation.

In addition to delivery of related information, it is possible to do interesting things when linked with transfer guidance or navigation function using GPS, for example.

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