Photos and movies of rare white koalas not albino

It seems that white koala was protected in the forest of eastern Australia. This white koala named Mick was born with a loss of genetic informationalbinoIt seems that it is not so much more rare than Albino.

Photos and movies are as follows.
Mick was said to have been blind by Chlamydia when she was discovered by a policeman and was immediately brought to the veterinarian. It seems that a white koala has never seen a veterinarian only once in 34 years.

I have white hair and have pink eyes, but according to a doctor it seems not Albino. If it is albino it should be a pink nose, Mick's nose is black.

Mick has gotten better in about two weeks and is said to have been returned to the wild. That place is a secret to protect from poachers.

There is a movie of Mick moving in the article of Reuters.
Mick the white koala bear | Video |

Other pictures can be seen from the following.
He is all white | The Daily Telegraph

By the way, ordinary koala is such a color. The color is different from Mick at all.

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