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On September 22 "Pantomime's God" French pantomime actorMarcel MarceauHe passed away at the age of 84. I tried collecting performance images of the deceased who was also called "silent poet" etc. I do not use words at all, but I tend to wear a tongue to express various things only by movement.

The playback of the movie and the photo of the real face are from the following.
A short work flows from around 30 seconds.
YouTube - MARCEL MARCEAU Tribute 1923-2007

It seems that it is CM of Scotch "BLACK & WHITE".
YouTube - Marcel Marceau

Is it a news video when Mr. Marceau came to Japan in 1960? Show off fish and butterflies by hand alone.
YouTube - NEW! Rare video of Marcel Marceau (1923-2007)

Two pantomimes. It's ten minutes and the movie is long, but it's just that fun.
YouTube - Marcel Marceau

Mr. Marceau's funeral is scheduled to be held on 26th, and the funeral is said to be carried out on the theme of "silence" by family's wishes. Details are as follows.

Marcel · Marceau's death, funeral on 26th International news: AFPBB News

Mr. Maruso of the real face.

During the performance.

Even though you are doing makeup you feel age.

Besides, you can see Mr. Marceau's picture on the following link.

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Marcel Marceau

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