IPod touch does not work on Japanese version Windows Trouble outbreaks

From Saturday, September 22, shipments are sequentially started in order of reservation, to the person who made reservations in JapanIPod touchHas begun to arrive, but at the same time reports reporting that troubles have occurred with tremendous high probability are occurring. Similar reports have been written in Apple 's official Discussion Boards, and it made a big fuss.

As a phenomenon, if you synchronize with Japanese version of iTunes running on Japanese version of Windows,IPod touch becomes inoperableWhat a surprising thing. If you can not operate it, iPod touch will be just a black hat, so this is a fairly fatal fault.

So for those who have already become unable to operate iPod touch and those who will receive iPod touch from now on, we have summarized the details of the troubles found up to the present time, how to solve it, etc. below.
At Apple 's official Discussion Boards, a number of reports have been sent to the following threads.

Apple Support Discussions - inoperative

In addition, this matter has already been reported in each direction.

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IPod touch, many problems reported from Win users at the same time as goods arrival - "Can not be confirmed" and Apple: News - CNET Japan

Among them, CNET wrote that "It will cure if it synchronizes with iTunes on Mac" which is one of solutions, it is to delete that description at the request of Apple. Perhaps it is because it was written and linked in Apple's official Discussion Boards. In other words, not waiting for the official announcement, not that way.

At the moment, there are those that summarize the solution method that came out mainly related chapters of related threads etc.

Summary of iPod touch in Windows: Isa!

Solutions to problems that occur when iPod touch is connected to Windows XP (using VMware)

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This bug has been touched on various blogs and it has become quite a serious situation.

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In addition, there seems to be a case where a customary dot missing also occurs.

IPod touch dot missing report - crooc beta

This time we have three consecutive holidays between, let's expect some move from Apple on Tuesday, 25th, tomorrow at the beginning of the week.

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