Crash Pocky is Langscha's more crispy and delicious

I bought Glico's "Crush Pocky Almonds" and "Crash Pocky Langschaa" and tried it. Both of them feel like a luxurious Pocky, but the crispy texture of Languedocia was particularly popular in the editorial department.

Details are as follows.
Crash Pocky | Pocky Street

Behind the box. The energy is the same 77 kcal.

Open the box and you will find seven small pouches.

Four pockies in each sachet. A golden bag is almonds, a silver bag is Langshka.

I put it on a dish. Almond on the left and Langshka on the right.

cross section. Almonds can see the grain. Languedosha has pretzels in the cocoa color.

Almonds are similar to those of the type that has been released many times, and there is a feeling like a standard product. In contrast, Langdocha is pretty crispy even under the chocolate where the finely crushed Languedosha cookie has been shot twice and has a very good texture. The compatibility of chocolate + crispness was also good, and the editorial department was quite popular.

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