House Foods, To raise prices or reduce the volume of many products

Previously at GIGAZINENissin Food Increases the price of instant noodle uniformlyWhen,Esaki Guriko reduces the content by 10% instead of keeping the price of PockyI took up the issue today, but today the house foods announced that they will raise prices or reduce their content over many products.

The details to worry about are as follows.
(PDF file)Notice of revision of product price and change of product specification

According to this release, House Foods has received 36 items of rouu products such as curry for household, hayashi and stew, as well as business products for household items, due to the soaring price of fats and oils, wheat, corn, corn, livestock products, spices and packaging materials Flake products, retort curry products for business use From the shipment value on November 1st, 2007, 4 instant bags "Umaku-chan" "4 likes" will be raised from the shipment on January 16, 2008 . The price increase range is about 10%.

And from the amount of "Tonari Corn" shipped from December 3, 2007, if it entered the box, the content amount will be reduced from 80 g to 75 g, those in the bag will be reduced from 40 g to 37 g, 23 g will be reduced to 21 g about.

This is the momentum that manufacturers that will keep track of steadily toward the end of the year are about to come out ....

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