A car whose everything is Firefox "Firefox car"

As you can see, it is an amazing car that is fully Firefox spec. This car, the "September 15th - 16th" was heldMozilla 24It seems that it came out with the event of "It is. Photograph shootingNobihayaIt is due to Mr. Maybe I want to see where I am actually running.

Details are as below.
Firefox car found @ Firefox ROCK FEST! (Mozilla 24) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mozilla 24 - a photoset on Flickr

It really stands out pretty

This isKazabanaShot from the opposite direction by Mr. Shooting

The summary of the event itself is detailed below.

Mozilla 24 Summary - Eimi tojira

24-hour event "Mozilla 24" - the spirit of open source thought again: News - CNET Japan

Koichi Ito, Challenging Yukawa Tsurumo - Mozilla 24 "IT Pioneer VS Student" Panel Discussion: News - CNET Japan

[Mozilla 24] Talks about the future with the Internet's father, children: ITpro

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