The online affair was actually a real marriage partner

There was a couple who fell in love, talking about married gestures without knowing each other in online chat. However, when it first fits offline, he seems to have discovered that he is his marriage partner, and got divorced.

Details are as below.Cyber ​​cheats married ... to each other

According to this article, Sana Klaric and her husband Adnan have confessed to each other the married guts with the names "Sweetie" and "Prince of Joy" respectively. And they came to think that they are soul mates who can devote the rest of their lives to each other.

However, due to having to do a date offline, each other's features will be revealed, and we will divorce by accusing the other party that they are dishonest with each other.

Sana said, "I fell in love with each other, it felt dramatic that I had a miserable marriage life just as I did," and he felt betrayed when the truth became clear That's right.

Meanwhile, Adnan says, "I still can not believe that Sweetie, who can write wonderful sentences with my wife who did not speech good words for years, is the same person."

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