Headline news on September 18, 2007

Feeling type Nintendo Entertainment Software for the Nintendo 80 'sFamily trainer"It seems that it comes back in response to Wii. Its name is "(PDF file)Family Trainer Athletic World". It is the same title name as the software that was included with Nintendo Family Trainer. Even this time we jump on a special mat or play, but it seems to be a game using arms using the Wii remote control. The release schedule is 2008, the price is undecided. You can play "torrent drop down" using the Wii remote as oars, and "trolley adventure" to go while breaking obstacles with shooting.

In the release we write "Family trainer series renewed", but will the day we can enjoy the Wii version of Fuuki Takeshi Castle?

So, tomorrowSeptember 19. The world's first beauty contest was held in Belgium in 1888, and in 1948 the last clan kingdom of India · Nizam clan Kingdom was forcibly annexed to the Indian government and disappeared. In 2005, North Korea accepted all nuclear abandonment in the six-party talks. Also, besides being born in 1968 by monster Kitsuko Furuichi and monster killer Toshiki Nogi, TMRevolution's Takashi Nishikawa was born in 1979, Hermione · Granger, which appears in "Harry Potter" in 1979, was born in 1902 Haiku poet Masaoka died in the year.

Today's headline news.
Asahi.com: "Liabilities and Mrs." Will it be a savior of Yubari? PR character appearance - Life(Politics, what a masochistic character)

Asahi.com: Regional Liberal Democratic Party "Public Works" Prefectural Questionnaire - Politics(Politics, what you would like for the new governor questionnaire)

Amazon announces "Amazon Widgets" - ITmedia News(Internet service, affiliate function can also be used)

"Google AdSense" for mobile sites, appeared in October - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile starts to be available from early October)

Livedoor Trevian news Disliked Mobile Ringtone is a kore! - livedoor Official -(Mobile, default is best)

Kamio Hisashi Mobile + Views: Potential of Mobile Silver Market - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, DoCoMo's Raku Raku Hong series are performing well)

FPN - Secret to be happy on iPod compatible iPod(Software, YouTube also easily transferred)

Japan.internet.com Web Technology - Symantec reports malicious activity on the Internet to strengthen criminal trends(Security, destructive virus decreases and things that steal information increases)

CNN.co.jp Microsoft loses in an EU antitrust violation lawsuit - business(Software, ordered Windows sales without Windows Media Player)

How do train drivers take measures against dicks? | Ameba News(Memo, it seems pretty tough)

The painful news (No ∀ `)" My father disliked "The father of a policeman was killed by her daughter deadlocked with his hand ax(Memo, did you hit the sleeping place?)

31 year old unemployed man bathes his father with tempura oil | funny community edge count(Memo, use a survival knife here)

Yahoo! News - Record China - a panda's stuffed animal? In fact it is the fur seized from the traffickers - Chongqing(Overseas, traffickers to 10 years in prison)

Percentage of people washing hands in public toilets drops = US survey Excite news(Health, telephone survey and actual situation are quite different)

WIRED VISION - Cheap "Boeing 747" retired to my home(Memo, securing land in Japan is a problem)

Of VIP chorus as www warabashi as well as Japanese music and cheering www w(Music, Million Overtone is only one song)

Gachapin off party? Pick up garbage at 'Gachapin Costume'(There are also cosplay, Mucc)

Rabbit Q Next time the Italian cosplay image is erotic and it is inexhaustible(Cosplay, this is not a good idea)

Yahoo! News - Sankei Shimbun - "Animation is an academic" National University opens with the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and newly majored in the hospital(Policy to train animation, writers and directors)

Dengeki Bulletin! Gundam 00 wings of light and 1st Gundam appear wwwww(Anime, it can not be seen well in the distance)

Makoto dead(Anime, a couple catastrophic due to Ito Makoto's reason)

Posted in Ultra Jump "Imperial Guardian" series end!(Manga, I wonder if the original author is eventually bad)

Trace syndrome I studied cartoonists who are interested in brain manufacturers(Internet service, I'm pretty hit)

WIRED VISION - former astronaut Aldrin, challenging EEG games(Game, game where people who relax are winning)

GameSpark - TGS finally announced PS3 controller with vibration function! Will it be ......?(There are games, games that become boring if there is no vibration)

Narrative sound or reflection movie 2.0 - "Gegege no Kitaro" course for bookstore members(Books, from various publishers)

Forest Field Total check before animation! Summary of CLANNAD related books(Books, many similar titles)

Old newspaper will not be reborn as toilet paper! Excite news(Note, old newspaper recycled to publication related paper)

Learn! Samurai Spirits Excite News(Japanese classes for foreigners, not memos and games)

Rosen Aso (Taro Aso) Akihabara speech and handshake repo(Politics, 15,000 people gather)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Taking pictures of Showa(It's in the atmosphere of the Showa era simply because the clothes are different)

"White lover" discontinued sales, attracting attention "Snow and Konko" | Ameba News(Food, sandwiched white chocolate with cocoa biscuits)

CNN.co.jp Fried potato-style apple and Burger King new menu - Business(It is only cut in the form of food, french fries)

From Alfalfa Mosaic "Sweets that are cheap and can be made in large quantities without trouble"(Food, Popcorn Strongest)

【Undertow story of the story】 What kind of taste is the taste of real pleasure? | Funny Community Edge count(The details of food and Daigo are unknown)

sweet? Spicy? Or is it? I ate a banana curry udon(Food, Curry Udon + Banana Tempura)

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