"Musiclens" that you can listen to songs that match your taste

By adjusting the volume, tempo, presence of vocal, gender, age, mood, color, age, etc, to your liking, it will make you listen to songs according to that condition. It's interesting because songs of similar trends will still come out of your liking.

The usage is as follows.
Musiclens - in tune with you

The whole picture looks like this

From left to right, it's volume, tempo, voice size, purpose, sex, age, mood, color, age, so move it with your mouse as you like. There is a checkmark below, so unnecessary conditions can be removed.

According to the set conditions, title, artist name, album name, genre etc. will appear below. Click to play it, you can watch.

There are many services like this overseas, but I also want such things in Japan ....

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