Life illustration of 2000 imagined by people of 1910 various

I imagined people around 1910, the illustration that the life in 2000 will be like this. Some of them are really realized, but there are things that still do not leave the area of ​​dreams.

Details are as follows.
Paleo-Future: French Prints Show the Year 2000 (1910)

Rescue will come to help even if the ship is in the storm. This is realized.

An airship flying over long distances. Actually, the airship is obsolete, realized by airplane.

Car for war. Although it looks like an armored car in an illustration, in fact the tanks that evolved for more battle appeared.

I can listen to the newspaper at home. Is it like a radio news program?

Record message with gramophone. Will it be a voice file exchange now?

Reconnaissance bike unit. The shape of the motorcycle is different, but this has been put into practical use. It is also deployed in the SDF.

Long distance electrified railroad connecting Paris and Beijing. As a train, there is a direct train from China to Moscow, and it is connected with the rail.

Have the machine read the contents of the book and pour it directly into your head? There are no such schools indeed.

Fully automatic barber shop. I feel a little scared of this.

A flying police officer. Unfortunately it is not an era when individuals are free to fly the sky.

If you push the switch from a distance away the machine will automatically build the building.

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