Puzzle game "Hexiom" connecting hexagonal tiles with hexagonal stage

It is a puzzle game that connects hexagonal tiles in a hexagonal stage. Each tile has a number written in it and sorts it by the number of other tiles so that it touches it. It is easy to understand because tiles are green when there are not enough tiles yet, red is too much, and yellow is just when it is just enough.

Access is from the following.
Hexiom and other Fun Online Games At TurboGames.com

title screen. At first you can only select up to 15 faces.

The game screen looks something like this. For a tile written "1", there is one tile to touch.

Clear if you move one. Next at "Next Level". If it is not convincing and clear it plays the same stage again with "Replay".

You can not move tiles that are visible vertically with fixed tiles.

Green tiles still have a small number of tiles. Red is too much. Clear if you make it all yellow.

When it cleared up to 15 faces, it was open to 26 faces.

It will become impossible just to move properly when it comes to the middle stage.

Because it became difficult, I skipped and cleared. You can play a random stage with "GENERATE RANDOM LEVEL" under the menu.

Select the size of the stage, and select "Advanced" to choose the number of empty tiles and fixed tiles.

I wonder where to put hands from where it is too big.

I can make such an enjoyable stage.

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