Does the Chinese People's Liberation Army hacker invade the American Pentagon?

According to the US Defense Department, hackers invaded the Pentagon system in June this year. Moreover, in response to it,Financial TimesIt is reported that it is "attack of the People's Liberation Army of China".

China's reactions to this case are as follows. Report on the US Department of Defense 'Hacker Invasion' Chinese People's Army '- International

Pentagon e-mail system breached - Yahoo! Canada News

Pentagon computer network Hacked China rejects claims it hacked Pentagon

In fact, according to China, the Chinese government has consistently said that it is cracking down on cybercrime and it seems to deny the Pentagon's announcement. In other words, China has not penetrated the Pentagon's system. However, according to the Financial Times this time information is quite accurate and reliable information.

By the way, last weekGermany was also under attack from places seen as related to the People's Liberation Army of ChinaIt announces.

The Pentagon is attacked by hackers on a daily basis,Although it allowed 215 illegal invasions in 2000, there was never a single intrusion into a confidential designated networkIt seems to be.

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