Microsoft also had Sony PS 2, PS 3 over Wikipedia

As you saw earlierSony edited the latest title of Microsoft's next generation game machine, Xbox 360 with English version of WikipediaAlthough I told you that Microsoft has also revealed that Sony PS 2 and PS 3 were wrestling with Wikipedia.

Apparently the situation seems to be like a bog.

Details are as below.
PlayStation 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Talk: PlayStation 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to the edit history of PS2 and PS3 articles, editing is done from IP "" "" respectively, and according to the following link, these two IPs are from Microsoft is.

IP address Search result:

IP address search result:

In addition to rewriting the number of shipments which is written as 1127 thousand for articles related to PS 2 to "0", PS 2 sells notes in Japan and US for PS 3 Judging from the number, after adding that "PS 3 seems to be the worst hard," he said, "Users of other next generation game machines will recognize PS 3 as the worst." .

Will things go a long way in the future?

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