Ask for an ambulance to help emergency at the entrance of the hospital

When I asked for assistance of emergency in 10 yards (about 9 meters) from the entrance of the hospital in UK 's A & E (emergency room), I refused it and called 999 (number 119 in Japan) He told the staff to call an ambulance.

Details are as below.
The Sun Online - News Ambulance called for 10 yrd trip

Mr. Mike Russell, a garden cleaning company, took a car to the Kursaalton's St Helier Hospital and asked for A & E to rescue, as a fellow who accidentally dropped during work got stuck with muscle cramping.

However, the staff at the hospital said, "The staff can not help directly from insurance reasons, it is impossible to call the ambulance here", Mr. Mike decided to call an ambulance from the hospital That's right.

When an ambulance arrived, it had to be relieved of pain using morphine. The hospital says he says that "Because the responsibility for patients inside A & E is No. 1, the reception has just followed that policy."

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