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Add mayonnaise to hot cakeQuipe who has announced innovative recipes such as the result of research on the basis for finishing fried rice deliciously using mayonnaise will be held from 30th to 31st AugustPresented at the 2007 Japan Association of Cookery Science AssociationsIt is said to be. Recipe alreadyQueepie's siteIt is said that you can make fried rice with stir-frying with mayonnaise instead of oil. On the site, there are otherRecipe of oil free shrimp friedAnd others are posted.

So, tomorrowAugust 30. Military commander Douglas MacArthur arrived at the Atsugi airfield in 1945, and in 1974 a time bomb exploded at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries headquarters building in Tokyo Marunouchi. In 1999 the Japan Juggling Association was founded. Also, besides being born in 1918, Ted Williams called the batting god was born in 1918, and in 1931, the Yanami infant known as a voice actor of the "Yatterman" Boyakki and "Gegege no Kitaro" stubborn cotton role, Yosui Inoue was born in 1948 and actor Charles Bronson who appeared in Mandom's television commercial died in 2003.

Today's headline news.

ITmedia Enterprise: rootkit behavior of Sony USB memory, fear of exploitation in hidden directories(Security, McAfee also criticizes Sony)

ITmedia Enterprise: With true hackers - MS opens hacker blog(Internet, Introduction of internal hackers)

WIRED VISION - Social network for spies: 'CIA SNS' started(Net service, to improve efficiency of information analysis)

I asked the changers in their 20s and 30s! Popular company rankings(Ranking, ranking by IT industry and others)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Mizuho Bank, Advancing into Second Life, Ferris wheel in "Virtual Tokyo"(You can get on if you answer correctly to net service, quiz)

Subject "Re:" exceeded 5%, contents of cell phone mail inbox - Ice Share Mobile Channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, blanks also 10% or more)

HSDPA communication service "EM Mobile Broadband" paid service exceeded 100,000 contract in 3 months ~ initially planned one month ahead of schedule ~(Mobile, population coverage ratio is about 4 times compared to when starting service)

DoCoMo relaxes e-mail reception restrictions against spam mail(Because of the introduction of mobile, packet flat rate system, the number of mail reception has increased to 1.5 times three years ago)

QUALCOMM explains the latest semiconductor strategy(Mobile, future prospects for wireless broadband)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: The BD camp, HD DVD camp will put much difference - Brand Research Institute investigation(Memo, do you settle next-generation DVD with Blu-ray?)

Current affairs dot com: Popular spread "cat cafe" = late-night sales, recruiting franchise stores(There is a memo, a play room that can meet with a cat)

CREATIVE ZEN 8GB / 4GB model and direct sales limited 16GB model released(Hardware, up to 16 GB flash memory player with SD card slot)

Release high-quality sound SD player "D-snap" | Press Release | News | Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.(SD card type audio player that also supports hardware and Bluetooth)

JustSystems News Release (2007/08/29) Started "ATOK Direct for Hatena [beta]" free of charge today(Software, latest word etc reflected in conversion candidate)

WIRED VISION - Portable weapons to attack with "wavelengths that nauseate"(Technology, attack with light of a flashlight)

CNN.co.jp The American Boy Switching the iPhone to a New Car and an Exchange Network - Science(Overseas, exchange Nissan 350 Z with 3 machined iPhone 3 aircraft)

2 washers with 1 million dollars! Scent of crime · · · Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Overseas, Ministry of Defense purchased with tax)

Police arrest Germans, Austria "Human Meat Incident" Reuters(Overseas, found part of the brain in a dish)

Tunnel opening plan to prevent salamanders' traffic accident | Ameba News(Overseas, construction starts in October)

Yahoo! News - YONHAP NEWS - Seoul City changes building skill improvement, change to skyline(Overseas, original design is obligatory)

"How surrounds are surrounded by" a genius full of "?" (Votoms flow technique of "anti-genius"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Interview, Author and Director of "Armored Trooper Votoms")

Sealed works, various broadcast-prohibited works(Media, freedom of expression and self-control and regulation)

Asahi.com: The cell picture of TV animation that disappears is "Only Sazae" - Culture · entertainment(Animation, due to poor compatibility between high definition video and cell picture)

Super! Animero - 【"Final Examination Whale First Episode" Notice of Rebroadcast】(Anime, rebroadcast on September 1 because it became impossible to watch on August 25 broadcasting)

What'sNew September 6 (Thurs) About broadcasting "School Days" viewing age restriction from episode 9 [2007.08.29] AT-X anime specialized channel on upgrading(Animation, it seems to be R designation from episode 9)

GameSpark - PAX 07 American experts talk about Japanese game industry(Discussion about games, used markets and advertisements)

"Mainichi Shimbun 1000 big news" that includes 135 years of news appeared in DS Life My Communication Journal(There are also questions in quizzes on games and news questions, modes for finding mistaken articles)

Bookstore not trying to sell daily harimogram communication books(Business, the corner of the light bell disappears from the book store)

狷 介 庵 Noire Miscellaneous - Silent prayer at the Ranobu corner(Business, handouts originally published from the publisher side is a hedy situation)

Yamabushi training male death Yamagata · falls on the climb of Tsukiyama | case trial | society | Sankei WEB(Memo, while participating in hard training)

Papyrus launches disaster toilet paper "Super Pooh" | 【@ Press】(Memo, 240 meters toilet paper)

"It is better not to increase the number of cards issued too much", Kansai Electric Power Money Money "PitaPa" going on its own line: ITpro(Railroad, postpay system issuing procedure is somewhat cumbersome)

HEAVEN This year also the dutch wife ride with a roosebo(Sports, winning time is 2 minutes 40 seconds)

Fashion general site - Yahoo! FASHION(Internet service, a web magazine where you can read the latest trends for free)

Perfect Tomo! It is! : Really was there 【painful】 story - livedoor Blog (blog)(2ch, a story that just hurts when reading)

"Great things at the time of the disaster" advised by large earthquake victims are life mike journal(Disaster prevention, tentatively water)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Does your body temperature drop when you eat a lot of ice cream?(Eating, cold water cup noodles will eat at the same time)

Beverages companies sell "premium green tea" · high quality for sale(Food, "Premium Oishi tea" etc. will be released)

Recommended for people who care about salinity "Koyuka potato chips reduced salt type" new release(Food, health-oriented potato chips)

Using super sweet corn, finished in mellow sweetness "Dontakos corn potage taste" limited release for a limited time(Food, limited items from October 1 to December 8 shipment)

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