Cattle with the world's thickest horn

Janice Wolf living in Gassville, Arkansas, said he has the biggest cow in the world. The cattle named Lurch seems to be a kind of African watusi cattle, and its circumference is 95.25 cm.

Details are as follows.
It is okay if people ride. Character seems to be quiet.

Horses are bigger in face size ....

It is like a composite picture or CG but it is real.

Are they digging up something in Tsuno?

Tsuno that protrudes that can be seen from behind.

Pictures of other Lurch can be seen from the following link.
LURCH Photos

Lurch's Sense of Humor

I properly received a certificate from Guinness on 6th May 2003. It has been about four years, but maybe it is growing bigger ....

Below are watusi pictures for reference. It is not as good as Lurch, but I have a good horn tuna.

Parents and children.

The approaching Tsuno.

V shape as seen from the front.

I am watching this.

A movie playing food on watusi.
YouTube - Do the Watusi!

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