Until a stylish desk with hundreds of CPUs spread

It is a part of all the way up to making a fashionable desk full of cyber feeling by spreading hundreds of CPUs that became unnecessary as the supercomputer upgrade was upgraded.

It seems that it is unexpectedly simple if it just spreads out, it seems not to be so easy.

Details are as follows.
Did you finish the update?

This CPU became unnecessary. It is Intel's Itanium.

Remove the heat sink etc like this and naked it.

The number is necessary to spread the problem. Apparently there are nearly 800 required patterns. It is too much .... Incidentally, the weight per 100 chips is 6 kg, so if it is 800 pieces it will be 48 kg in total.

Remove the heat sink etc one by one with effort and guts, and arrange the bared ones. In that case, it is necessary to polish each one cleanly because the adhesive that attached the heat sink should remain.

I finished arranging.

I approached it. It seems like a huge processing circuit.

Place the glass plate on top so that it can be used as a table.

The glass plate is caught firmly.

Good vibes.

I actually placed a PC. It is quite fashionable. It takes time and effort, but it might be better than throwing it away as trash. The problem is that there are not many opportunities for ordinary people to acquire hundreds of CPUs ....

The following links have original pictures and detailed commentary.

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