Dynabook SS RX1 / T9A flash memory drive startup speed comparison movie

Of this timeDynabook SS RX 1There are two models, "T9A" with 64GB of flash memory drive and "T7A" with 80GB of normal hard disk. Since the other specifications are almost the same, you must know the real power of the flash memory drive! So I tried launching at the same time.

Besides, since it is not interesting just that, I measured the surface temperature and compared it.

So, the playback of the movie that understands the power of the flash memory drive very well is as follows.
This is the state of simultaneous activation. I was shooting in the dark because the screen was hard to see. It is DVD Super Multi Drive that gets pretty at startup.

The difference in startup time seems to be about 10 seconds, but when I saw all the applications in startup until it finished booting up, I felt that the difference would be more open. Apparently there seems to be more difference than I imagined.

To measure a bit more accurately, free software to measure startup time by rebooting "PassMark RebooterThe measurement is as follows.

"T9A" with flash memory drive:About 1 minute 41 seconds

"T7A" with normal hard disk drive:About 2 minutes 2 seconds

Apparently it seems that a difference of about 22 seconds comes out on average.

Also, comparing the numerical values ​​when installing a large capacity battery pack 5800, it seems to be as follows.

"T9A" with flash memory drive:About 12.5 hours
"T7A" with normal hard disk drive:About 11 hours

I have lasted about an hour and a half. Weight will also be different.

"T9A" with flash memory drive:Approximately 968 g
"T7A" with normal hard disk drive:Approximately 1090 g

It is about 122 grams, but the flash memory drive seems to be lighter.

Also, unlike a hard disk drive, the flash memory drive has the feature that silent operation is possible because there are no driving parts such as motors and heads. Since the cooling fan rotates in any of the models of this time, there was no experience difference in terms of silence.

Another feature of the flash memory drive is that there is little heat dissipation, but I actually measured what it is, 5 minutes after starting up. The measurement point is the left side of the mouse pad which is very likely to actually touch the hand.

The room temperature is about 27 degrees.

"T9A" with flash memory drive:33.4 degrees

"T7A" with normal hard disk drive:36.4 degrees

Apparently there seems to be a difference of about 3 degrees. It is feeling that it gets better little by little in various places, but the difference of about 3 degrees by the sensible temperature is big. "T7A" with normal hard disk drive feels a bit hot in the palm etc, but "T9A" with flash memory drive does not feel so hot compared to it, so if you are using for a long time it will be comfortable The difference comes out. This was a pretty big difference.

Next time I posted the result of the benchmark. How powerful is "T9A" with flash memory drive?

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Comparison of dynabook SS RX1 / T9A and T7A on benchmark

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