Equipped with an engine of a jet aircraft, jet locomotive which runs at a speed of 249km

In the early 1970s, it seems there was a test of a jet locomotive equipped with a jet engine of Yak-40 type passenger aircraft in Russia. As a result of installing a jet engine, the maximum speed has reached 180 miles (about 249 km).

It seems like an experiment that is quite impossible, but it seems that the US has also done a similar experiment at that time. Perhaps it was possible that such a high-speed railroad became mainstream?

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The jet engine is installed in the upper right.

An image that runs like this. It is a super express of a dream.

It seems now that it is neglected. It is a bit lonely.

This is a jet locomotive whose experiment was done in the United States. It seems that a company named NEW YORK CENTRAL has done an experiment.

Looking from the side it looks like a normal vehicle.

Actual driving scenery. I am blowing up. Can we curb the curve?

According to the following link, this vehicle is equipped with the jet engine of the B 36 H bomber of the US Air Force, and as a record issued by the locomotive equipped with the engine on July 23, 1966, it runs at the world's highest speed of 296 km / h He said that.

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Although it did not come into practical use in the same way, it seems that there was also an experiment of a passenger ship equipped with a jet engine of TU - 134 type jet aircraft. Although it is said that it can sail at 100 km / h, it seems to be seasick.

The original photo is from below.

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That none of them were put into practical use, was it impossible to install a jet engine again?

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