Price cut of Xbox 360 will be officially announced

We officially announced that Microsoft will lower the main unit price of Xbox 360 according to the launch of "Madden NFL 08" software released on August 8 in the US. It is said that all lineup of Xbox 360 will be cut.

Details are as follows.
Microsoft Lowers Price of Xbox 360 by $ 50: Price drop coincides with release of "Madden NFL 08" on Xbox 360, one of many titles that make up the greatest holiday lineup in video game history.

According to this release, Xbox 360 Premium, Xbox 360 core system, Xbox 360 Elite will be priced in the United States from August 8.

With this, the Xbox 360 Premium with 20 GB HDD is $ 349.99 (about 42,000 yen), the core system without HDD is $ 279.99 (about 33 3300 yen), the Xbox 360 Elite is $ 449.99 (about 53 thousand yen) It will be.

Announcement in Japan is awaited.

Fixed at 7:45 on August 7, 2007
The price was flattened at a price of 50 dollars, but it seems that the price of the core system will be reduced from $ 299.99 to $ 279.99 by 20 dollars (about 2400 yen), Elite will be reduced to $ 449.99 from $ 479.99 to $ 30 (about 3,600 yen) .

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