Move the emulator on the iPhone, movies playing Mario

A programmer named "stepwhite" seems to have succeeded in running an emulator based on the emulator of "Famicom software" "InfoNES" on the iPhone.

There is a movie that actually plays Super Mario Bros. and others on the iPhone, but I am surprised that you use the touch panel as it is as a controller.

Details are as follows.
NES emulator on the iPhone - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

According to this article, it is an emulator based on "InfoNES" which is running on the iPhone this time, but it seems that it is possible to operate in the same way as the original controller by touching the controller displayed on the touch panel.

However, the problem is the speed of motion, which means that it is not suitable for playing because it moves at too slow speed in the present situation, but it is said that it raises respect with respect to the operation to this level .

The movie actually running is here.
YouTube - iPhone NES Emulator

By the way, according to the following link, it is said that iPhone can recognize up to 2 touch, so in Mario it seems difficult to jump with A button while dashing with B button and direction key.

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