Pictures of women who wear high heels with a height of 9 cm do their best

It is a pattern of lace that women who wore high heels run full strength in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Participants are required to wear high heels with a height of at least 9 cm, but it is said that the winner is given a gift certificate of 50,000 rubles (about 230,000 yen), and everyone desperately runs I will. Naturally, however, runners took turns to huge succession with difficulty in running too much. This is terrible.

Details are as follows.
Before you go. I am wearing high heels.

I started running.

I am desperate.

I am falling at once.

I am scared of being likely to follow it.


The original picture is on the link below.

English Russia >> High-Heels Run Contest in St. Petersburg

In addition, the following link introduces the similar race performed in Moscow. It was said that a gift certificate of 100,000 rubles (about 470,000 yen) was presented to the winner here.

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