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Weathernews Co., Ltd. Weather commentary by weather forecasters on the day of the eventFireworks Weather Ch.It is said that we will start today. Today, dedicated fireworks of Osaka Tenjin Festival, one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, are held in Yodogawa,I checked it at once.Where "Although clouds are easy to spread, fireworks festival is no problem weather, please check the latest information before going out, just in case." There was a comment of the predecessor. Since many people gather, please be careful not to get involved in accidents and crimes for those going to see fireworks.

So, tomorrowJuly 26. New York State joined the United States as the eleventh state in 1788, FBI was founded in 1908. Laputa castle in the sky was released nationwide in 1986, and in 2005 the arcade simulation game "THE IDOLM @ STER" began operation. 1 In 4292, Gunbuster returned to the Earth sphere with anime "Get on top!" In addition, in 1875, a psychologist Jung was born, and a famous movie director Stanley Kubrick in "2001 Space Journey" and "Full Metal Jacket" in 1928, action actor Yoon Pye Woo in 1957 Born, in 2004 Nakajima and others passed away.

Today's headline news.

Sansha Festival "Miyake" stops next year - Social news nikkansports.com(Festival, because someone was arrested by a mikoshi carrier)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: to you who want to take pictures(Introducing cameras and shooting spots)

O type people prevention with a hot bath that they are easily bitten by mosquitoes | Ameba News(It becomes easy to get stabbed even if life, body temperature is high or sweaty)

Gashapin's blessing thanks to the 1st anniversary of the blog | Ameba News(Blog, one more year passed)

Girls twelve buddhist record companies go bankrupt but continue to do activities | Ameba News(Due to entertainment, excessive introduction of advertisement expenses etc.)

Business Media Makoto: Annual power consumption of LCD TV, 43% less than three years ago - Sharp(Environment, greenhouse gases slightly up)

Business Media Makoto: Municipalities whose famous products are attractive, but "I want to live by all means" was 0 people ......(Life, there are many Hokkaido on the top)

CNN.co.jp Voters question you presidential candidate on YouTube Democratic debate forum - USA(Politics, a debate for the next year's US presidential election)

CNN.co.jp California, Adidas ban kangaroo leather shoes - business(Environment, judgment ruled by the district court)

Tsundere One Seg TV "SEGNITY" has evolved and reappears(Hardware, voice guidance of voice actor good at tsundere)

More than 60,000 illegal / harmful site announcement cases, the National Police Agency Summary(Net, nearly 30% hosting at overseas server)

Beta Robako - Finally I knew! Reason why Mikushi is "disgusting"! It is!(SNS, Mixi is a girls society)

Moe copype special edition(2 ch, if you put a picture on Moe Copy)

IPhone mockup(Gadget, because I wanted to get it before release, I made mock-up myself)

WIRED VISION / "Patriot" at iron scrap store, rocket launcher in home garden(Overseas, it seems there was no warhead)

WIRED VISION / "Face recognition" further evolves - identifying gender and emotion(Camera identifies gender and emotion in real time)

⊂. Д. ) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ∩ ° ゜ Д ゜) One Full Auto | New genre "Daddy girl"(2 ch, when you see it gradually daddy looks cute)

"Do not quote Wikipedia" | Okumura's Blog(You can correct it if Web, Wikipedia is wrong)

Lolita Happy wing days - JoJo style advertisement(Advertisement, actually advertisement of consumer finance)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - For information on purchasing air conditioners, "Catalog" is 40% midway and "Reviews site" is slightly less than 20%(Shopping, 0 people blog)

The painful news (No ∀ `) Mental pains received by the dev are comparable to those of cancer patients(Found in a joint survey of health, university)

Painful news (No ∀ `) Convenience store industry, growth slowing down Sales will continue to decline in the previous year results(Business, indeed there are too many stores)

Lawsuit seeking damages for baseball players who do not sign Excite news(The company litigates because it is different from sports, contracts)

Medical officer was unlicensed - pretending to be paraguay Educational history misrepresentation Excite news(Medical treatment, allowance is paid if there is a certain degree degree)

⌒ ✿ ⊃.Д.) ☺ Kazi speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ √ √ √ √ __ ___ ___ __ 2 ___ __ 2 ___ __(It seems I do not have work, clock type anesthetic gun)

Why there is no author profile in manga books Excite News(About the anonymity of manga and manga artists)

METAL GEAR ONLINE beta test participants 3000 people wanted(Game, reception will be on Monday, August 6th until 12 noon)

GameSpark - Finally gameplay is released! "Metal Gear Solid 4" demonstration demonstration video(Game, demonstration by Mr. Hideo Kojima)

Nintendo, Wii's FY 2007 sales plan upwards to 16.5 million units Entertainment Reuters.co.jp(Game, "Nintendo DS" also raised)

Three-dimensional mouse pad of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" appeared!(Accessories, gel in the bust part)

Detected before thunder falls! Warning lightning strikes from over 120 km Warning Portable device Home Appliances My Communication Journal(Hardware, warning with light and sound when lightning strikes are detected)

Imif www wwww kww wants to look for McDonald's product name(Discover talent of naming sense from food, citizens)

New flavor popular for adults and children New release of "Pinkey Tuna Mayonnaise taste"(Adopted because it is popular with food and rice balls)

"Potato chips french salad" new release! It is!(Food and dressing slightly onion flavor released August 6, 2007 (Monday))

"Potato chips basil salt" new release! It is!(Food, limited convenience store released from Monday, August 13, 2007)

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