A cat who freely climbs a wall like a Spider-Man

A movie of cats moving like a vertical wall like a spider man. The cat is agile and high-body animal, but I did not expect to move the wall freely.

Details are as below.
A cat rushes up the wall following the light of the laser pointer.
YouTube - Spider-Cats

I arrived at the second floor climbing up with Sulul.
YouTube - Funny cat climbing into house

It is doing fine when you climb, but it does not seem to work out when you climb.
YouTube - Amazing Spidercat climbing wall

I will climb my legs with hands.
YouTube - Les aventures de SpiderCat - Episode 2

A cat that moves while sticking to mats well.
YouTube - Spidercat Mushi

As expected it seems that glass can not climb.
YouTube - The Amazing Spidercat!

A cat that climbs the wall and takes the rope of the ceiling. Why is there a cord in such a place ...?
YouTube - Sagira the spidercat

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