Google's parking lot was prepared to be a large unit of "Street View" shooting car

"Street View" on Google Maps showing the landscape seen from the ground. It seems that a lot of photographing cars for creating that image are prepared in Google parking lot in large quantities. I have not installed the license plate yet, but when preparations are completed, the place seen in "Street View" may increase suddenly.

Details are as below.
Eye On You Google Streetview Camera Car Fleet Set to Invade America - Gizmodo

There are more than 30 Chevrolet and Cobalt available in the parking lot.

What is attached to the top of the car bodyPreviously introduced cameraAlthough it is not, will anything be loaded from now on?

The provider of this photograph seems to have predicted that "Although the car here is cheap, it is very conspicuous, I will attach the camera to this car and send it to the urban area".

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