Puzzle game "50 STATES" to fit 50 US states on the map

It is a puzzle game that puts pieces of each state on the map of America. Alaska, Hawaii, California and other states that are easy to understand are nice, but suddenly I do not know exactly where it is called "Nebraska state".

Access is from the following.
50 States - Shockwave Edition - Play free online games at Shockwave

As the part is displayed on the upper left, drag it to the state place and arrange it.

The state of South Dakota seems to be somehow above the middle.

The correct place will be displayed in red if there is a large deviation from the place you placed. It seems that in this case it has been placed about 187 miles away.

Things that were difficult to understand came in series, so you could have placed 3 out of 10 provinces, the average deviation was 158 miles.

clear. I made a series of mistakes in the first half, but I could put the latter tightly.

I regret that it is regrettable. Now, things that are easy to understand, such as Texas and Hawaii, first came out.

Wyoming State. I feel like I can not put it perfect if the surroundings are not buried.

As I left it carefully this time, I cleared the average of the deviation to 4 miles.

As I do it a few times, I will gradually remember the location of the state so that I can quickly put it. Still, the square states in the Midwest are hard to understand.

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