Whippet dog with muscles muscles weighing 27 kg

Whippet is a relatively new type of dog made by crossing grayhound and terrier species, made as a race dog, now easy to handle, it is a popular dog as a pet dog. Normally male weighs less than 10 kg, but there was a whippet like a whole body muscle weighing 27 kg. It seems that his name is Wendy and his owner is much pretty.

Details are as follows.
Big Wendy the muscular whippet

It has a physique that seems to come out in a battle dog manga a decade ago, but the size of the body itself is not much different from other whippets. If the genetic abnormality is present, it seems that such a muscle muscle cane will be able to be done, but the size of the heart and lung is about the same as ordinary whippet, and the behavior also ordinary thing such as wanting to ride on the knee with this body It seems that it does not change.

For details on the whippet, see below.

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Here is an ordinary whippet. It is completely different from the comparison. The ordinary Whippet seems to have broken the weddi, although the abdominal muscle is broken into six.

Whippets: Nisha & Jasper on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By Nisha und Coco

A movie that collects race pictures of Whippet.
YouTube - The Whippet: Built for Speed

The following is another mukimuki dog.
Pitbull Eats an S2000 - Bad Dog Picture

It is said that this huge body will get on the car.

Thanks to the cars. Even though it is a precious sports car ....

The damaged car is S2000 of Honda.

Honda | Cars | S2000

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