Headline news on July 3, 2007

Tomorrow is the Independence Day of the Americas called Jurai Force and the Force of Jurai. Various events are held in the USA, fireworks festival seems to be everywhere. Usually in the US,General fireworks sales are prohibitedAlthough it is lifted only on Independence Day, instantFireworks selling stand also comes outIt seems. Also, since 1818 the stars added to the flag when new states are added are added on this day. Flag design so far that stars increaseHereFrom.

So, tomorrowJuly 4Wednesday. The emergence of supernovae was observed in 1054, the Kamakura shogunate was destroyed in 1333. In 1695, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi produced a kennel in Okubo and Yotsuya as part of the mercy of birth, and in 1937 a masterpiece of Pablo Picasso's Guernica was completed. In 1826, "Osusanna" composer Steven Foster was born, and in 1926 Charles Rouroux who composed a number of Japanese martial arts died.

Today's headline news.

Google commented on flames of fire - Overseas breaking department log [ITmedia Alternative · Blog](Web is not aware of Google as official opinion is sweet)

Site that displays AdSense advertisement in Web2.0 style & amp; Terms of use - GoogleMania | How to use Google conveniently(Advertisement, even if it is not violating the terms, is it OK to change the background of AdSense?)

If you download templates, formats, and example sentences for free, the king of the form(Internet service, various forms and templates can be used for free)

Nikkei Research Data Signal - Music content of mobile phones is top regardless of age - Survey results - articles(Mobile phone, music relations are far apart from others)

@nifty vote(Internet service, free rental voting service)

TechCrunch Japanese Archive >> Everyone desperately chasing YouTube ...(Net service, the YouTube brand will not shake gently or softly)

Google Maps route search of US can be changed by dragging - GoogleMania | Useful of Google(Internet service, it may be useful to change the detailed route)

Baby gorilla is hospitalized for human hospital AFPBB News(It seems that animals and gorillas will also DV)

Global warming: night over 27 degrees, tripling in 2030 - Environment: MSN daily interactive(Environment, if the humidity is low at least, it is still not good)

Declining viewership rate of giants can not stop - entertainment news nikkansports.com(Sports and number of relaying are reduced to less than half of last year)

Slashdot Japan To the world's largest planetarium in Nagoya(Universe, planetarium of 35 meters in diameter)

A new work by Pocket Monster is always released in two kinds of packages Secret: Digital ARENA(Game, purchaser used for sales)

Entry sales decision for "Nintendo DS Lite Pikachu edition" at "Pokemon Daisuki Club" - Famitsu.com(Game, Yellow DS is a lottery sale even on the net)

GameSpark - Game that got banned from TOP 10(Game, Pokemon ranked in)

GameSpark - 'Resident Evil 4' Ashley 's Soup Rex & Japan - US Chest Competition!(Game, it is also Masui 's swinging chest in Japan)

GameSpark - If you have this even PSP in classes? Sony's unusual marketing(Game, this is an interesting cover)

"Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sora" the third scene of the leading scene cut! Collaboration with Pasera also! - Famitsu.com(Anime, Karaoke store first period "Higurashi no naku koro ni" all 26 episodes broadcast)

Anime music appeared in iTunes!(Offering newly edited images and OP · ED images according to animation and animation songs)

Anime character's CM galla circumstances Dora, Sazae is different | Ameba News(Anime, it was much higher than expected)

ITmedia News: Onkyo makes Sotec a subsidiary(Business, aimed at PC development specialized in music)

Display to become scrollable, realization soon - Next generation OLED development in the US is going on Enterprise My Computer Journal(Hardware, next-generation communication system equipped with this will also be planned)

KING SHOP, the best PC / home appliances shop in Japan(The shop side has a great message at the incident, the net shop in the whirlpool)

Blog-chan: Living notes of middle-aged sister(Story, teacher is too funny)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Approximately 6% of the experience of submerging electric devices in the ocean, about 30% of restoration rate(Life, just pulling out the battery and leaving it well well)

How to win a fight with a woman - webdog(Life, if you are manly you can not win women)

"Gas odor" we know, what does it really smell? Excite News(Life, gas originally odorless)

VIPPER one day unexpectedly unknown countryside amazing place(Life, there are many negative things)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: The first local station from the city center(Is it like railroad, Tsukamoto or Higashiyodogawa?)

Mysterious rules of taxis in urban areas(There seems to be strange rules in occupations, Tokyo and Osaka city)

New pediatrician's tweets - high school examination riot(Medical, who will take responsibility if the student falls ill with appropriate examination)

Stress relief method after work tired is ranking - goo ranking(Health, sleep is overwhelming)

■ (PDF file)H.I.S. Overseas Travel Trends for the Summer Vacation of 2007 (July 14 - September 30)(Travel, reservation to 121% of the previous year)

Yamazaki RECRUIT SITE | TOP PAGE(Employment, employment information of Yamazaki-made bread, obvious difference for college students and high school students)

^^ Byozine Garigari-san bathing agent Try now! Pretty intense smell!(Accessories, packages are similar to ice)

"Kirin Afternoon Tea Special Darjeeling Sparkling" July 10 New Release(Food, delicately small 410 ml PET bottle)

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