Finally you can use medicine to erase your memory

It seems that a method to erase memory is discovered by applying medicine used for patients with high blood pressure in American universities and so on.

This makes it possible to forget bad memory, which is the cause of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

Details are as follows.
Scientists find drug to banish bad memories | Science | Earth | Telegraph

According to this article, in a study by Harvard University in Boston and McGill University in Montreal, Canada, when a subject suffering from a trauma (psychic trauma) rise in heart rate or the like reminded of the cause event As a result of drug administration, symptomatic relief was seen in one week.

This is due to the use of the drug "propranolol" used for hypertensive heart disease patients, which is known to cause memory impairment, and the memory read from the brain is also stored in the brain He said that he succeeded in erasing the memory by interfering with the process.

According to a study conducted by researchers at New York University using rats, we performed an experiment to erase only the memory of one tone by making an association that gives an electric shock when two tone's sounds are heard, I heard that the experiment was successful. In response, it says that this treatment method may have potentially permanent effects on certain memory.

However, as healthy people may abuse the erasure of memories in vain, it seems that a warning was given against this research result that strict regulations should be given for prescription. It certainly seems to be able to be exploited by thinking, regulation may be necessary.

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