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William Shakespeare, a playwright who left numerous masterpieces and masterpieces such as "Romeo and Juliet" and "Merchant of Venice", the four major tragedies "Hamlet", "Macbeth", "Othello" and "Lear King". He seems to have produced more than 1,700 words, converting nouns to verbs, or making adjectives as verbs. Here are some of them.

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As a representative thing, the following words can be mentioned.

AerialIn the air
Control(As a noun): management, control
HurryIn a hurry
Majestic: Awesome
Suspicious:i doubt it

The phrases used for the first time by Shakespeare. "Love is blind" and others.

Words and Phrases Coined by Shakespeare

There are many things that have been established considerably. Shakespeare could have won every year if we decided to buy a British buzzword award at the time.

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