Movie to Avoid Fatal Danger with Luck and Techniques

Although it is sometimes attacked by the danger that imagination does not adhere to living, it is a movie that is avoiding with dangerous techniques and techniques worn by the lives, among which the danger that may be related to life is avoided. There are pretty strong lucky people.

Details are as below.
I'm about to fall off the bike, but I managed to recover my balance.
YouTube - Motorcycle Near Miss

You can get caught under the tire by hitting the bus by bicycle but surviving. If you look carefully, the oncoming car or the person walking by putting an umbrella at the bottom right is also in a dangerous position.
YouTube - Amazing Video !! China bicyclist, lucky to be alive

A surfer avoids a water bike thrusting from an invisible place.
YouTube - Raimana jetski at Teahupoo

Although it has already been an accident, avoid the biggest danger by paper.
YouTube - lucky guy

Accident with feeling like crossing the lane. The car that caused the accident itself is drenched, but the surrounding cars are not miraculously involved.

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