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Easy to enjoy air guitar "Air guitar PRO electric guitarIt is said that TakaraTomy will be selling it from July 26th. The main body is only a part of the neck and the head, and the mechanism sounds when the infrared radiation radiated from there is blocked with fingers. In the main body, all 10 songs from Japanese music to Western music are built in and accompaniment is supposed to flow with pressing a button. Since there is also an external input / output terminal, it seems that it will also become an external speaker by connecting MP3 player to the main body. For the price of 2625 yen it is highly functional, and it is also certified as an official model of "Air guitar Japan (Air guitar 's Japan official group)" as a training good for air guitar beginners. Strictly speaking it is not likely to be an air guitar, but it seems good for a foothold to a full-fledged air guitar.

So, tomorrowJune 13Wednesday. In 1612 Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki fought at Ganryujima and in 1846 the United States Congress declared war on Mexico and the Mexican war broke out. In 1939 NHK Technical Research Institute started transmitting domestic television test radio waves, the first F1 world championship was held in the UK Silverstone Circuit in 1950, and in 1987 JR Eastern replaced the national electronics in 1987 Announced that it will be E Electric. In addition, in 1133 a founder of Jodo sect was born. In addition, Ronald Ross who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine by demonstrating that the malaria parasite is in the stomach of Hamada raka in 1857, Yoshitomo was born in 1950 as "Stevie Wonder" and in 1963 "Yoga Tameru Suman" was born. Yoshitomo was born in 1573, Takeda Shingen in 1973, Tayama Flower Bag of a novel in 1930, Jazz in 1988 Transpeter's Chet Baker died.

Today's headline news.

# 79 ~ # 82 Secret of collecting 7 million people in a month spoken by people in "GIGAZINE" | Web personnel Forum(Site management, online version of interview article released on "Web site personnel know-how" of Iszo's announcement)

The painful news (No ∀ `): Shoot the moment of running away with the in-vehicle camera and take it to the police, but the police will not move ... 2 Channels run away and release the movie(Movie, Successfully finding the culprit with mixi at last in the latter half)

"Yahoo! is type I, Google is L type" - conducts a search behavior survey using iRep and JMI, eye tracking :: SEM ilog (semi log)(SEM, evidence of gaze movement)

Ikeda Nobuo blog Justice trap(Politics, national policy investigation and prosecution runaway)

Media · Pub: Press Conference of the US Presidential Election, Here again, the rise of Google(Google, YouTube has posted a lot of movies from supporters of candidates and is a posting battle)

ITmedia News: Google is an enemy of privacy? British groups reported(Net service, classified as the lowest rank in 6 ranks)

"I'm watching the husband's cell phone e-mail" housewife 25% Garbagenews.com(Living, almost 40% seeing people who got consent)

Start displaying Yahoo! Bookmark Bookmark number on Yahoo! Search results! - Yahoo! Search Staff Blog - Yahoo! Blog(Search, searching by Yahoo! has resulted in bookmark number of Yahoo! bookmarks)

Asahi.com: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Fake Site Prevents PIN Numbers to Stolen - Business(It seems that business and fake sites seem to be detected and deleted as much as possible before touching customers' eyes)

Yahoo! News - Reuters - Worldwide sales in 2006, Toyota excludes GM Top leader = US magazine statistics(How big is business, Toyota)

Business Media Makoto: Financial results for fiscal 2007, finance, electricity and precision, cars are doing well - Nomura Securities(Business, ordinary income in fiscal 2007 is forecast to increase by 9.5%)

Eight expert SEO questions I can not answer Web contact Forum(Internet, once answers are also listed)

WILLCOM FAN W-ZERO 3: enchanted enclosure Advanced / W-ZERO 3 [es] First Impression(Mobile, Introducing built-in software etc are interesting)

Film critic tension diary Large Japanese (2007)(Movie, pretty boring pattern)

Yamako Kawa: I contacted Yui Horie FC(It was true that the voice actor, belonging to freedom is free)

Animation "Genkenskin" second phase production decision decided! It is scheduled to be broadcast on TV animation this autumn!(Anime, this time that Mr. Ogigami comes out)

The days buried in Digimono Haruhi's voice of the North American version The matter that everyone seems to have gods casting(Animation, the voices are pretty much matched)

"UCC COFFEE milk & coffee Evangelion can 250 g" newly released! | News Releases | UCC Ueshima Coffee - For a smile born from coffee.(Food, UCC and Eva collaboration again)

Hamster preliminary bulletin 2 Today my younger brother graduated from virgin.(Reading, unexpected development and endings have become very interesting masterpieces)

GameSpark - a phantom "Gameboy version Diablo" video not released(Game, even if you're out, you can not play online)

【2ch】 Trivia of a game that does not need any trouble without knowing new speed quality(Game, Egashira 2:50 is concerned about voice actor's game)

Capcom enters full-scale entry into the expanding personal computer game market - Delivering game titles to the whole world through Valve's content distribution system for PC "Steam"(Distribution of games, "Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition", "Onimusha 3", "Lost Planet" etc.)

Napoleon I's sword, a successful bid at 780 million yen International YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Overseas, for gifts to husband)

Excite celebration from grandma is counterfeit! Germany excite news(Overseas, counterfeit bid instead of catalog)

Pya! Cut barrel of the barber(There is a market price though an image, a barber)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Operate with huge switches(Story, the switch is better than the main body)

2 Channels Completely live relay "Oji" list that has been confirmed to exist(Story, there are lots of prince before)

Livedoor News - Baka seller! "Indian formula calculation drill" is terrible(Education, the image of India is fixed in Darushim)

A greedy diary sent from the north earth - Negative comments and tags are limited to thru(Communication, slanders are often slanderous to everyone)

Do you know the existence of a slit in a plastic bottle cap? Excite News(Neta, slit for washing)

LAWSON "Heading towards summer! NEVANEBA kingdom" held(Food, who was thinking about this catch phrase)

Yahoo! News - Mainichi Newspaper - Raise prices in Tokyo and Osaka, cut prices in Tohoku and elsewhere(Food, price increase range on average about 3-5%)

For Konjyo Sushi, Dorayaki no Sushi is sold(Sushi made with eating, Dorayaki peel)

Pineapple chazuke in New York(Food, juicy and fruity)

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