A picture of a house blown out by a gas explosion

It is a picture of the house that caused a big explosion as a result of forgetting to turn off the gas stove. A big hole opens on the wall, and it is not surprising at the inside of the house.

Before going to bed or before you go out, let's make sure that you check the main gas valve.

Details are as follows.
There is a big hole on the wall.

It is also in the house.

The walls are blowing away.

Is it worried about the inhabitants carried by ambulance? But I think that it is better to wear clothes.

Neighbors are serious too.

The floor has come off.

The original picture is on the link below.

English Russia >> Gas Blow Up

Some movies took up the situation of other houses exploding. This is pretty terrible.
Sydney By Night - 720 Megapixels

I covered it with GIGAZINE beforeA giant airship "Hindenburg" gets a gas explosion movieAlthough it was a tremendous explosion, the power of gas is horrible really, really.

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