Sony is also accused of a patent on Blu-ray

In the meantime, as of the end of May 2007, we also went to California's Target Technology company regarding the technology used for Blu-ray DiscI was sued by a patentBut also sued by Certicom, Canadian security product maker, because Sony infringed the patent. The thing that infringes the patent also includes the "VAIO series" of PlayStation 3 and personal computers.

I do not know if I truly infringed a patent, but I am concerned about future trends of Sony and companies that will further appeal.

Details are as below.
Press Release Certicom Files Suit Against Sony For Patent Infringement

According to Certicom's release, two US patents including information protection technology AACS (Advanced Access Content System) used for Blu-ray Disc and digital content protection technology DTCP (Digital Transmission Content Protection) of music and video content Sony said it continues to infringe without obtaining permission. Examples of infringing patents include PlayStation 3, DVD players, "VAIO" personal computers, specific high-definition televisions, sound systems, and so on.

Certicom's CEO says, "I'd like to resolve the problem by discussion without filing, but at the moment there are no other ways to file a complaint."

Sony has lost more in the patent litigation of the DUALSHOCK controller even before, but is it OK this time?

ITmedia News: Failure in feedback controller patent litigation with SCE, Immersion

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