Who started talking about non-petty copyright copying or illegalization of sharing by P2P?

In order to be able to arrest and control criminal copyright infringement by police other than the right holder,Non-petitioning of copyright"And file sharing by P2P software is"It is not a private reproductionAs I investigated what the origin of the flow of trying to illegitimate as a ", I arrived at an unexpected place.

Recently, I think that there are many people who know it because it is getting pretty famous, but every year the US government gives the Japanese government "Annual Reform Request FormI'm sending out what I call. In short it says orders, guidance, and requests from the United States "You can do what you have written here properly". The establishment of law school graduate school, postal privatization, recently triangular merger etc was only executed because it was written in this annual reform request form. It also describes about white collar exemption and worker dispatch laws.

And there is also written about the latest version of this Annual Reform Request Form, including non-petition of copyright and illegalization of sharing by P2P. In other words, the primary cause was the pressure from the United States and the weakness of the Japanese government, which has to obey it.

So this annual reform request form is not a confidential document but it can be downloaded and read by anyone via the net. Whatever you read, is not it a domestic interference level? It is written to the extent that it seems to be fine.

Details are as follows.
The latest version of the Annual Reform Request Form is the following in JapanUS EmbassyIt is in the homepage of the website, and it is a PDF file. Since there is a proper Japanese version properly let's read it for the time being.

US Government Request for Government of Japan based on Japan-US Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative = PDF (December 5, 2006)

Regarding non-punishment of copyright, it seems that the following requested text is based on.

Page 20

II-A-3. Grant of official authority To eliminate the consent requirement of the owner of the rights necessary for prosecution, and to be able to investigate and prosecute copyright infringement incidents under the initiative of the police and the prosecution side, Grant authority to police and prosecutors

The desire to illegalize file sharing by P2P software also seems to be based on the following texts.

Page 20

II-D. Exceptions relating to private use Restricting the exceptional scope of private use and suggesting that it exceeds the range of home use such as peer-to-peer file sharing is granted without the permission of the right holder Can not be revealed.

The demand that copyright nonprofessionalization and sharing by P2P software is an exception of private use has already appeared in such a form immediately the other day.

Formal decision on "Intellectual Property Promotion Plan 2007", prohibition of duplication from file exchange software, etc.

In a recent example where this Annual Reform Request Form was executed, this is done in line with the Annual Reform Request Form.

Shooting in a movie theater, imprisonment for up to 10 years or fine to 10 million yen - establishment of a camouflage prevention law - CNET Japan

Looking at the 20th page of the Annual Reform Request Form, it says:

II-A-5. Pirated version of movies We will establish effective anti-violation law to crack down on the use of photographic equipment in movie theaters, in order to cut off the main source of the camouflage version used for DVD production.

Oh, we will realize the demand of the US government in this way ... .... It is said that the pressure is exerting pressure in such a way that it seems that most of the bill discussion etc. of the bills actually thought that the Japanese government led themselves by themselves is actually domestic interference from the US government I feel that it is reasonable that Japan is said to be a vassal country of the United States.

By the way, it seems like this is the reason why the contents written in the annual reform request form so far will be executed.

Midnight News: There is what is called "Annual Reform Request Form"

"Annual Reform Request Form" means that the US Government has notified requirements (such as "submit" and "request", "Notice" is correct) for structural reform and deregulation for each industrial field in Japan It is a sentence. It is not just a diplomatic text. What is requested from the US government here is allocated to each department in charge of each ministry in Japan and executed. And it is said that whether or not this request was executed, the Japanese and US officials regularly meet and check it. In addition, the trade delegation of the United States who announces this sentence annually to the Japanese government receives a work evaluation from the US Congress every year. In other words, as the trade delegation, unless Japanese government does not execute it, their evaluation falls, so you must ask the Japanese government to do any pressure.

In addition, it seems that it seems to some extent that it seems like it seems like "I will go on next because it goes on next time" rather than a year before the annual reform letter is issued, so at first glance, A story about non-petty birth has started to appear, then an annual reform request form is issued, strongly boosted, and it seems to be executed ... .... In fact, we can not overlook the fact that requests from the US government have been issued before the request form.

At the time, this annual reform request form is also issued from Japan to the United States, but the content seems to be quite inferior to what the US is sticking to Japan. Especially regarding the Internet, the US government is requesting so much, so should not it be necessary to mount as much from Japan as possible? Or how about submitting a request for an annual reform letter from Japan to the US widely in the form of a public comment from the Japanese citizen, so why do not you try recruiting everything by broadcasting on a television on a large scale? Submitting based on the conscience of the citizens who live in Japan should be able to bring considerable persuasive power and pressure.

Requests from Japan can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs below.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: On exchange of requests for dialogue for the sixth year under "Japan-US Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative"

What the U.S. government desires in this annual reform letter request is to encourage the movement at the government level to boost profitable business for companies in the United States. Although it is customary for companies to make good use of politics as it is represented by lobbying in the past in the United States, although it is said that Japan should push globalization of the economy together, the fact is that American companies Is to make it easier for economic activity in Japan, or vice versa, making Japanese companies more difficult to conduct economic activities.

In other words, when trying to override illegalization of non-petty copyright or P2P sharing, it is necessary to have a fierce rebellion or reason why the US government is convinced. The American government will not be convinced by the reason that only Japanese can understand ... .... There seems to be a necessity to act well thinking about this area.

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