I got faster than a propeller aircraft when I loaded three jet engines on a truck

It seems that when the jet engine is loaded on the truck, the maximum speed is 376 mph (about 602 km / h), and it gains acceleration reaching 256 mph (about 410 km / h) at 6.36 s. This is an acceleration force close to the space shuttle. Together with the appearance of blowing a flame it has become a considerable monster machine.

Details are as below.
Competition with the propeller aircraft began around 4 minutes and 15 seconds. I will overtake with tremendous acceleration.
YouTube - Shockwave

It looks even more amazing at night.
YouTube - Shockwave, The World's Fastest Truck / Jet Jam Night Of Fire

Compete at night.
YouTube - Shockwave Vs. Bill Leff - 2006 NAS Oceana Airshow - Friday

Detailed performance is also seen on the official website. There seem to be some tracks that reduced the number of jet engines to two.

Les Shockley's Jet Powered Shockwave Show

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